Who’s That Boss Lady?

Women-Owned Businesses Expanding Here & U.S.

Look around Forest and it’s easy to find a #bosslady. They’re opening shops, starting small businesses and expanding local brands. Aligning with a larger national trend, these female entrepreneurs are both contributing to the local economy and creating lodestars of opportunity.

Lifestyle Fitness:
Offering the gift of health

The holiday season has many people scrambling for the perfect gift. Lifestyle Fitness & Training in Forest, VA understands how challenging shopping can be for some of your loved ones.


Pulling up to this unexpected gem, you’ll discover that Monogram Love shines the light on personalization. Inside their showroom, you’ll find shelves brimming with trendy products like Ivory Ella, Simply Southern and Corkcicle.

Burk’s Tax Service

Sandra Burks began her career while still in high school, working part-time. Later she assisted the accountant at Harry Haga while she went to college and studied computer programming.   

In the

If you could imagine a place where creativity collides with commerce, In The Attic embodies that vision. The owner, Tiffany England, has built this business around her desire “…for people to come in and find inspiration.”

Divine Designs & Delights

“It kind of snowballed,” explains Nickie Gentry, owner at Divine Designs and Delights. Upon entering her glamorous shop, you might find that statement surprising. Gentry smiles and says, “I started by making wreaths.”

by Jaca

After a career in higher education, including positions at Southern Illinois University and Wake Forest, Sally Hutslar and her husband Jack, couldn’t settle down in retirement. So they bought two pregnant, premium alpacas, and opened a showroom at Smith Mountain Lake in 2012. Now they are much closer, in the Graves Mill Center in Forest.


The holiday season has many people scrambling for the perfect gift. Lifestyle Fitness & Training in Forest, VA understands how challenging shopping can be for some of your loved ones.


“So often, us curvy girls go into shops and nothing fits. I went in one store and even the shoes didn’t fit. Unless you’ve gone through something like that, you don’t realize how that makes a woman feel,” tells Sandra “Lu Lu” Mayberry.


Kathy Potts is an Interior Decorator/Owner with Decorating Den Interiors. In this role, Kathy works with clients creating beautiful spaces while working with their lifestyle, their taste and within their budget. She manages the project from the concept of the design to the installation of a beautiful space.


Winey Chicks Boutique is a special place that every customer will remember – long after they leave. The Winey Chicks experience grew from the vision of Felecia Turner, owner at Winey Chicks Boutique. She says, “I wanted to create a place that would become a destination where customers could enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Modern Day Boutique

When Modern Day Boutique popped up in Forest, the owner, Tosha Worrell, dreamed of filling a niche for casual, affordable women’s clothes. Walking into the store, you absorb a hip vibe with the industrial metal shelving, high ceilings and vibrant blue walls.

On Waterlick Rd. stands 15,000 square feet of sensory education, social learning and fun. Elite Athletics is more than a building or a business. It’s the culmination of a journey that brought together passionate people with a local opportunity.

Melissa Thompson, owner and founder at Elite Athletics, has used her education as an Occupational Therapist, passion for teaching, business background and experience in the field to creating a welcoming space.

Warrior Success Academy

Instructor Clif Eli Abercrombie is a Warrior Krav Maga 1st Degree Advance Phase B Blackbelt and Certified Warrior Defence Lab Instructor.

According to Abercrombie, anyone has the possibility of being attacked.  Crime doesn’t discriminate between race, sex, or social class.  We shouldn’t be negligent to the possibility, but rather look for ways to increase our safety and survival.

Super Kicks

Super Kicks is proud to have the most highly qualified instructors in the Lynchburg area. They share a total of over 30 years of experience and the mutual goal of helping students of all ages to learn basic life skills, the importance of education, the science and history behind the discipline(s) of their choice as well as the most comprehensive self-defense training in this region.

News and Events

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Opening of the new C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense

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Forest Oreck Store Unique

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From IT to LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)

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