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Finding Yourself…In the Attic

If you could imagine a place where creativity collides with commerce, In The Attic embodies that vision. The owner, Tiffany England, has built this business around her desire “…for people to come in and find inspiration.”

Her journey started as she was selling her decals and signage locally. Then, England found the perfect location and knew that she could create opportunity for like-minded makers.

Inside, they host vendors for local, handcrafted goods. Additionally, they offer classes from a variety of instructors. For example, England teaches classes for the Cricut machine and plans to start chalk painting classes soon.

“I love our classes,” says England. “I would love to be known for those because it makes a creative atmosphere. It lets people be creative without any pressure on them.”

That atmosphere has birthed some heartfelt collaborations. England worked together with a customer to create a customized director’s chair as a gift for her daughter, who is a film student.

England says, “It was a really thoughtful gift. We did it beautifully and inexpensively. Her daughter loved it!”

From shopping handcrafted goods to making something new, In The Attic opens the door to your imagination.

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