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Forest Oreck Store Unique

Proud retail geeks at heart, Andy and Jamie DeVault  began their careers in the athletic footwear and apparel businesses. Andy continued in that field as a regional manager for companies like Foot Locker and Linens N’ Things.  Jamie transitioned into luxury home furnishings as a director for companies like MacKenzie Childs.

But the dream of owning their own business was always in their minds and hearts. An old colleague brought Andy on to run his regional operation, and Andy and Jamie eventually bought several stores in 2010.

Their goal is to make their Oreck in-store experience special.

Independently owned and operated, clients deal directly with one of the owners on most days. Fully trained trained staff can help you on other days.

You can try their products on at least six flooring surfaces before you buy, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee. Big box stores often bolt their displays to high shelving units with no way to touch, feel or demonstrate the machines before purchase. Oreck services all brands and are acquainted with other makes and models so they can aid you in making informed decisions. You can always call them at the store, or on their cell, or email or message them through social media, or come back to the store for complete customer satisfaction.

Another reason Oreck stands out is because many of the products they sell carry free annual service so they will help maintain your machine for years to come.

Also, Oreck is more than just a vacuum store. They carry machines for hard flooring surfaces, air purifiers, cleaning products for windows, stovetops stainless steel and soft surfaces like drapes, blinds and upholstery, not to mention an entire line of commercial cleaning options, including Oreck, Miele, and Bissell commercial. They even have the ability to order parts for most machines ever manufactured.

For more information, see their ad.

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