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From IT to LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)

Darryl Burks left a successful career in IT so he could help people in a more direct and personal way.

“It’s been rewarding to see how much better people can feel when they develop a more naturally based lifestyle. My greatest joy is seeing someone go from chronic pain and illness to a state of thriving in their life,” said Darryl.

In 2013 Darryl began taking and later teaching karate classes and became especially interested in wellness and fitness.

After becoming certified as a Health and Wellness Coach, he became a Certified Nursing Aide and Registered Medication aide. He took nursing classes and later worked at Lynchburg General hospital, and earned a BA in Complementary and Alternative Health. He later completed a course in Massage Therapy from Miller-Motte Technical College. He has been helping clients since Jan. 2017.

“I’ve found massage therapy to be a portal to detecting other health issues and to helping people develop a more holistic healthy lifestyle”, says Darryl.

“My massage approach is to be more therapeutic than luxury, and to use more Eastern Modalities than Western. My goal is to not just give immediate physical relief, but also to restore healthy energetic circulation throughout the body”

By Eastern Modalities Darryl is referring to: Reflexology – using pressure points on the feet; Sound Therapy – using tuning forks on and around the body; Meditation – quieting and gaining awareness of the mind and emotions; Tui Na Chinese Massage – based on tracing and clearing meridians in the body using pressure points and joint manipulation; and Qi Gong – a slow gentle form of exercise which can help restore function and energetic flow. He also provides Lymphatic drainage which seeks to move stagnant lymph fluid through and out of the body and Myofascial release which aides in breaking up stiff connective tissues and can help free up chronic physical and emotional holding patterns.

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