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Karate Helps to Achieve Lifetime Goals

Super Kicks is proud to have the most highly qualified instructors in the Lynchburg area. They share a total of over 30 years of experience and the mutual goal of helping students of all ages to learn basic life skills, the importance of education, the science and history behind the discipline(s) of their choice as well as the most comprehensive self-defense training in this region.

Their martial arts and character development program begin for those as young as 3+, offering families the opportunity to become proficient black belt leaders together.

Confidence, respect, discipline, focus, self-defense, physical fitness and goal setting are all aspects involved in achieving a positive and successful lifestyle.

Goal setting is a very important part of learning to become a good leader. Without goals, a person tends to lose sight of their original purpose. Goal settings keeps us on track to achieve or accomplish a task that would otherwise seem to be impossible.

The path to becoming a leader is on that requires planning. Goal setting is a form of planning with a destination or a specific achievement as the result of planning. Some simple rules for goal setting are

  •   to explain in detail exactly the results or goal desired
  •   to write down the steps or actions necessary to move closer to that achievement.

Instructor Clif Eli Abercrombie

Small steps are best for goal-setting so you can keep track of your progress. Writing down the steps to achieve your goal gives you a compass for guiding you to the desired outcome.

Without proper goal-setting steps to guide you forward, it is easy to lose sight of the goal. Living life without goals is somewhat like driving a car from Alaska to Mexico without a road map. Setting goals and the steps it takes to achieve those goals is your personal compass, not unlike a road map, goal setting steps tell you if you are on the right road!

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