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More Than a Business…a Journey

On Waterlick Rd. stands 15,000 square feet of sensory education, social learning and fun. Elite Athletics is more than a building or a business. It’s the culmination of a journey that brought together passionate people with a local opportunity.

Melissa Thompson, owner and founder at Elite Athletics, has used her education as an Occupational Therapist, passion for teaching, business background and experience in the field to creating a welcoming space.

As the mother of three children, Thompson appreciated the impact of gymnastics on children at an early age. She has seen firsthand how the activity benefits all children in many ways including physically, personally and socially. Her youngest is a competitive gymnast and her middle child has special needs. Both love the sport and grew up enjoying the gym environment.

Since 2010, their classes have provided students with access to  a competitive program, recreational gymnastics and opportunities to move their bodies. Their inaugural group included 18 children. Now, the team and classes have grown to include activities for all ages and skill levels.

Today, Elite Athletics is a hub for premier gymnastics, tumbling and athletics. Some of the architectural decisions, such as a second floor observation area and two contained preschool rooms, make it a unique facility.

While some may see a big building with mats and equipment, Thompson views it as more than just a place. It’s a team. It’s a family. It’s a journey of a lifetime.

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