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Take Time to Find Your Style

“So often, us curvy girls go into shops and nothing fits. I went in one store and even the shoes didn’t fit. Unless you’ve gone through something like that, you don’t realize how that makes a woman feel,” tells Sandra “Lu Lu” Mayberry.

As the owner of Lu Lu’s Closet, Mayberry has broken away from the typical plus size shopping experience. Curvy ladies get a boutique treatment that straight sizes sometimes take for granted.

Pointing out one of her favorite buffalo plaid tunics, Mayberry says, “I only carry size large and up, size 12 and up.”

From the plush, hot-pink chairs by the antiqued fireplace, to the rows of carefully selected consigned and new boutique styles, you feel like you walked into the wardrobe of your best-dressed friend.

“When I first opened, a girl came in and we helped her pick out clothing for several outfits,” Mayberry recalls. “And that girl said, ‘I’ve never had anyone take the time with me to actually help me find my style.’”

That’s why you step into Lu Lu’s Closet. For more information, see the ad below.

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