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Why Shop Forest First?

There are a number of reasons for Forest area residents to patronize businesses located in the Forest area
before shopping elsewhere.

  1. More Money for Forest: A portion of Virginia state sales tax, collected by a Forest area (and any other Bedford County business), is returned to Bedford County. In addition, the meals tax collected by Forest area restaurants goes directly towards the funding for local public safety, fire, rescue and law enforcement.
  2. Lower Taxes: The more sales and meals taxes that Forest area businesses can collect, the less likely other taxes levied by Bedford County have to be raised to meet financial obligations. The Bedford County Department of Economic Development says the following: “If citizens realize the importance of shopping locally, there will be less pressure to raise other taxes, such as the real estate tax. They (the County) can’t continue to rely so heavily on real estate and personal property taxes to provide all of the services that people want.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!
  3. Convenience: Another important reason for you to patronize the Forest area business community is your simple convenience to it. Why spend more time, and gas money, driving to shopping areas outside of Forest, when many of the same products and services are already close-by?

Many new businesses and services will be coming to the Forest area in the future. A major goal of this ShopForestFirst.com is to inform you of all new and existing businesses.

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